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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Want a Happy Ending? Read a romance novel by Ashley Kath-Bilsky

Hi Everyone!

Well, Spring is here and my first book, The Sense of Honor, has made an "early" debut...February 15th to be exact. Originally, the book was going to be released around Mother's Day 2007, but then we thought to push up the release date so it could be available at the Romantic Times Booksellers Convention in April. Things went along so splendidly with edits and book cover deadlines that we decided on a March 1st release date. BUT, the printer surprised us all and uploaded the book a couple weeks early online. Woo-hoo!

When you consider that this book was contracted to Highland Press around Thanksgiving in November 2006, to see it out and about three months later is amazing!

For those who have not purchased the book yet, there is an excerpt posted on my website, http://www.ashleykathbilsky.com

Also, CATA Romance Network "Single Titles.com" and Between Your Sheets have posted their review of the book.

I am now trying to get promotional materials ready for the RT Convention the end of April. Got these gorgeous bookmarks. Actually, I am so in love with the cover to this book that I am trying to figure out new and exciting ways to put it on everything -- bookmarks, business cards, etc. You may see the flashing banner popping up everywhere.

And because I love my book cover so much....I need to give a shout out and big "thank you hug" to my hunky cover model, Julian Fantechi, cover photographer Annette Batista, and graphic arts Stef at SAS Designs.

Okay, so what else has happened since last I posted?? I know -- it's awful. The last time I posted on this Blog was December. I promise to do better...truly. But you can always get up-to-date info at my website or my page on MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/highlandlass_akb

And that's it! Hopefully, I will post more often.

Oh, and if you haven't purchased a copy of The Sense of Honor, I hope you will do so.

Take care,

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