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Friday, October 1, 2010


For generations, stories about the American West have stirred the soul, captured the imagination and attracted audiences all over the world. Without question, the American West has influenced literature, art, music, architecture, fashion, jewelry, toys, and the entertainment industry -- from old radio shows, musical theatre, television programs and major motion pictures. No doubt, it is a combination of many things that interest us, from wide open spaces and blue skies, to a fascination with history and the diverse culture from Native Americans as well as American pioneers, the archetypical cowboy hero, quick draw outlaws, Wildcatters who drilled for oil and prospectors searching for gold and silver. But it was the written word that first captured the majesty and romance of the American West. Like the vast open prairie or the high desert, stories about the American West are limitless and continue to inspire the imagination of authors.

So, if you are a fan of the American West, in particular western romances, please visit "SWEETHEARTS OF THE WEST" at:

"SWEETHEARTS OF THE WEST", is an exciting new blog featuring 14 talented writers of western romance (contemporary and historical). Learn about these women, their books, as well as their perspective and insight into the rich heritage of the American West.


Caroline Clemmons said...

wow, very well said. What else could anyone expect from a terrific writer?

Ashley Kath-Bilsky said...

Thank you, dear Carolyn. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

I am a forever fan of Roy and Dale. I am a Cowboy Mounted Shooter and ride a beautiful Palomino.
I listened to the " King of the Cowboys" video on Sweethearts of the West today. It was beautifully done and brought tears to my eyes. Is it available for purchase ? Great job !!!!!

Ashley Kath-Bilsky said...

Thank you for your comment, Anonymous. :) That video is so wonderful and, as you said, really beautifully done. It captures how special and unique Roy Rogers was, the true King of the Cowboys. I don't know if it is available for purchase. The video was made and uploaded by Cowboy & the Senorita on Youtube. They have a channel dedicated to Roy Rogers. I suggest you contact them about whether or not a copy of the video can be privately obtained. Their link is: